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Is it okay to kill the Aurora Borealis? Episode 457 March 23, 2015

The interview rescheduled and James has to take the wheel and do a solo show. First he talks about killing people and then it’s time for BBTV. He talks about the movie Aurora Borealis that goes off the rails and turns out to be something much different than what it started as.

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Are you gonna eat that? Episode 456 March 17, 2015

Today James does a quick show to let everybody know what’s been going on and then talks about St. Patrick’s Day, people caring about the food you eat, and freaking out when your kid bleeds.

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Adventure Time! Episode 455 March 3, 2015

Today James takes you on an adventure, but first everybody has to go to the bathroom and James has to talk about appointments with the doctor.

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New animation staring Bryan Bishop

After a short hiatus we’re back and better than ever. If you’ve wondered where the show has been, the time went to making the newest animation staring Bryan Bishop of the Adam Carolla show. Hope you like it.

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